We are a wild species of the earth, we are animals. If you have forgotten your place in the universe, you merely need to look into the mirror and ask yourself, not who you are,but what you are. You have been designed by nature, you have been selected to exist on this very earth, your biological makeup has created what you are today. The urges that drive you are instinctual, they are hardwired and programmed into your psych. My life is about fulfilling these urges and unlocking the path back for those who have forgotten.

My life has entailed an adventure of the human spirit, I had always connected with nature on a deep spiritual level and in many ways fulfilled the urge to challenge my physical creation against the very design it evolved from. Throughout the years I have explored different landscapes and have adapted my skill set to the knowledge which I acquire from my personal experiences.

My vision has created a vivid imagery of my future, what I need to achieve and how I need to achieve it. But in nature we find ourselves out of control and facing the reality of our split second decisions.

I have used my life to capture glimpses of a story that entails a human’s connection with the wild, but in all honesty the truth of my connection is without a camera and without the time lines and constraints which can sometimes control your free will. I have dedicated my life to show the world what we are capable of, but the camera is only ever rolling when I choose, this is my gift to the world, this is just but one purpose, but I also need to be free. We are all born wild, but it is a choice to be tame.

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